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Immerse yourself in a world of artistry, where each bloom tells a story, and every table becomes a canvas of enchantment. Our carefully crafted arrangements and their powerful energy are a testament to the beauty of new beginnings and joyous celebrations. Let our exquisite designs be your companions on this magical voyage, breathing life into your cherished moments.

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Bridal Bouquets


As a result of the attention and detail that goes into the art of intuitive florals, we can only accommodate a select number of floral stylings each year.

For weddings of 50 or more guests, a minimum investment of $8k is required to ensure you and your guests are immersed in the beauty of flowers. Micro-weddings with fewer than 50 guests commence at a base rate of $5k, providing an equally magical celebration.

The 2023 summer wedding season is filled with several spots available this Fall/Winter season. Please feel free to inquire anytime about any styling menu items. Thank you for your response, and we eagerly await inquiries for the seasons to come.

Standard Design Fee

Embark on a whimsical journey with Amy as your guide, weaving together a truly enchanting and unforgettable vision for your wedding or event. Every floral element and intricate detail of the design will be lovingly crafted with a touch of magic. The blooms, carefully handpicked and nurtured, will burst forth in all their glory on the day of your celebration, brought to life by Amy's artistic vision.

While Amy's work is often guided by intuition, she understands the importance of clear expectations and concrete design ideas. Her creative proposals will transport you to a realm of wonder and delight. With this whimsically thorough approach, both Amy and her clients can surrender to their roles, eagerly anticipating the wondrous energy that will permeate the event, leaving guests spellbound and hearts aflutter.

The design fee is adjusted with the scale of the event. Starting at 20% of the estimated total. Installations start at 25%+ depending on the capacity of the install. This fee includes all labor, all correspondences, in person consultations, all ordering/sourcing, flower processing, coordination with vendors, cleaning of rental goods, and composting, 

Centerpieces / Tablescapes

Let the flora work its enchantment, uniting you and your beloved guests in a whimsical celebration. Amy weaves floral moments with an artist's touch, infusing your event with an atmosphere of beauty, and wonder.

Amy’s tablescapes are where the magic unfurls like a mesmerizing art installation. Specialty vases, flickering candles, and tantalizing fruits become enchanted companions, joining other joyous design elements in a dance of unparalleled uniqueness. Prepare to be whisked away to a realm where tables become captivating realms of their own, where each guest is embraced by an extraordinary experience that will linger in their hearts long after the celebration ends.

$225+ / $2000+





Sweetheart Table

With Amy’s meticulous touch, she weaves together floral wonders and exquisite specialty elements, surrounding you both with a cornucopia of abundance and pure delight throughout your event. if sweetheart table is not on your path. This enchanting concept can be expertly crafted as a focal escort or memory table, where cherished mementos and ephemeral blooms weave a tapestry of cherished memories. Alternatively, let it unfold as an extravagant cake table installation, where delectable delights and whimsical wonders elevate the experience of your treasured guests.


Ceremony & Installations

Amy’s Altars & Installations transcend mere decor, for they hold the power to set the very essence of your event aglow, infusing the air with an energy that stirs souls and awakens hearts. Prepare to be captivated by these focal designs, where uniqueness blooms like a rare flower, and each creation stands as a testament to its own extraordinary essence. With the touch of an artist's hand, Kate weaves intricate sculptures that are truly one-of-a-kind. They dance with the spirit of whimsy, becoming living works of art that invite wonder and awe. These ethereal creations, like secret portals to another realm, shall transport you and your guests to a place where dreams intertwine with reality.

$1500 - $15,000

Bridal Bouquets

In a realm where flowers whispered secrets and dreams, where love danced hand-in-hand with courage, and where bouquets were more than mere blooms, a tale of sacred unions unfolded. As you embarked on the grand adventure of matrimony, the enchanted wedding bouquet became an artistic symbol of this next chapter. With every delicate petal carefully chosen, and lovingly arranged, Amy weaves her magic. She deeply understands the language of flowers, engaging in heartfelt conversations with each blossom. Through her intuition, she crafted a floral manifestation that would bless not only your special day but your entire life.


Bridesmaid Bouquets / Boutonnière / Corsage

Where magic twirled in the air, and flowers had a language all their own, there existed a delightful tradition known as "personals." These enchanting gestures were crafted to honor the precious souls who adorned your life's tapestry. Whether it be the bridesmaids' grace, the groom's faithful companions, the nurturing mothers and fathers, or the wise grandmothers and grandfathers, these whimsical tokens of floral affection held a special place in every heart.


$150+ / $30 / $65

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