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Meet Amy

Amy’s whimsical but raw touch has taken her to the sunny shores of LA all the way back to her childhood home on the breathtaking North Shore of Massachusetts. Picture her, an artist in her element, crafting floral wonders that defy expectations as she's lived coast to coast.

In a world where whimsy is intertwined with nature's untamed spirit is where Luna Moss lives. Amy's floral translation is sought to capture the essence of your unique story by harnessing the ever-changing seasons and coaxing their wild elements into breathtaking designs that harmonize with their surroundings.


For her, the connection to nature was paramount. She believes in infusing movement, color, and texture into her creations, awakening a sense of wonder and joy in all who beheld them. No detail was too small; Amy knows that it is these delicate touches that bring life and vibrancy to special moments.


But it wasn't just about crafting beautiful arrangements; it was about cherishing our beloved Earth. With every stem and petal, she practiced sustainability and mindfulness, honoring the environment that nurtured these enchanting blooms. She understands that the dance between humanity and nature is a delicate one, and Amy is a partner in that grand symphony.

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