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A-La-Cart Florals 

Bi-weekly & Monthly Subscriptions


In a realm where floral magic weaves its tapestry, imagine delicate masterpieces born from love and intention. Bring home these tendered and cared for, hand-selected premium blooms. They will take center stage, devoid of fillers, ensuring a harmonious dance with nature's touch.


Petite - $65  monthly - A touch of an artist’s hand

A delightful gesture, perfect for any small desk or accent table. Premium blooms are arranged to bring beauty and joy to your space, all while whispering tales of nature’s elegance in every petal. 


Classic - $150 monthly  - Kenetic wonders

A majestic offering with unrivaled beauty, perfect for a dining table or kitchen island. Premium blooms in a clear glass vase meticulously curated into a lush floral sculpture. Let this masterpiece ignite conversations and elevate your space as nature's harmony blooms in splendid elegance.


Grandiose - $200 monthly - Bountiful and opulent

This lavish floral sculpture unfolds as a true gift from the heart. Nestled within a beautiful ceramic vessel, it is a testament to abundant beauty and richness. Premium blooms, this masterpiece emerges to make a resounding statement, capturing hearts with its unrivaled splendor.


The Most Exceptional - $300 monthly  - Overflowing with beauty and wonder

This arrangement is truly prolific and awe-inspiring. It possesses the power to transform any space into a lush floral haven, bestowing its magic upon the grandness of living spaces. Stems of the most exquisite and unique blooms of the season unite in harmony. Prepare to be captivated by these epic floral art pieces, where nature's poetry unfolds in breathtaking splendor.


+ As you choose your desired size and let the magic unfold. Upon adding your selection to the cart, prompts will guide you through the process. 



In Collaboration with The Estuary 

 Seasonal GIFT BOX Subscriptions with the option to upgrade with a bouquet

Amy’s unique floral approach delves deep into the essence of each recipient, channeling the energy of flowers and healing to create an extraordinary gift box. Every box is a masterpiece attuned to the seasons, along with self care gifts hand selected in collaboration with The Estuary, (the holistic & alternative space co-owned by Amy) that whisper to the soul and brings forth a sense of harmony and serenity.

 Luna Moss x Noel Herbals


A beauty treat for yourself or a loved one. Noel Herbals and Luna Moss Florals have partnered together to offer you a fresh flower hand tied bouquet and a Cham-Brulee honey mask. This is for PICK UP ONLY at The ESTUARY 74 Martin Street rear lower level ESSEX MA 01929. Pick up on Wed thru Friday 9 to 2:30pm. Please indicate pick up day and time at check out.


About the mask…

A decadent dessert mask for your skin! Soothing chamomile and goats milk rejuvenate and soften the skin. Goats milk is a natural emollient that both soothes and supports a healthy skin barrier, while chamomile diffuses skin irritation & brightens. With its caramel like texture and the scent of creme-brûlée this is the perfect wind down mask. Pair with a cup of chamomile rose tea for added decadence.

2oz glass jar


Ingredients: Manuka Honey, Chamomile Powder, Goats Milk Powder

To use: Apply a dollop of Cham-Brulee to clean skin and allow to set for at least 20 minutes. Gently remove with a warm washcloth and follow up with a mist of hydrosol and facial oil.


About the flowers…

A beautiful hand wrapped bouquet in paper using fresh and seasonal blooms and greenery. Colors are designers choice but will try to accomodate color requests. A perfect accent bouquet for your desk, kitchen, bedside or small table.           


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