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What We Do

Luna Moss, based in Essex MA, is a FLORAL DESIGN STUDIO specializing in intuitive designs for WEDDINGS & EVENTS + INSTALLATIONS & styling.


We offer A-LA-CART FLORALS and monthly GIFT BOXES, along with floral WORKSHOPS.

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Each flower arrangement is an enchanting display designed and ready to take home. They are carefully crafted with handpicked premium blooms on sustainable materials, offering support to Mother Nature.   


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Experience love and intention through our floral creations. Immerse yourself in artfully designed arrangements and unique tablescapes filled with their powerful energy. These exquisite designs are carefully chosen for the beauty of new life phases and celebrations.


                               Weddings & events

Our sacred wedding bouquet symbolizes the spirit of your union, the love in your heart, and the courage to bloom in this new phase of life. As you hold it between you and your love during the ceremony, the flowers bring you closer. 


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Meet Amy - floral designer



Amy Sadler, the visionary behind Luna Moss, is a multidisciplinary creative, and highly skilled floral designer. With a profound love for nature, Amy seamlessly blends her textual naturalist approach with her whimsical style, resulting in floral designs that are not only visually inspiring but deeply meaningful. Her unique perspective and attention to detail infuse each creation with a touch of magic, bringing joy and enchantment to every occasion.

Learn more about Amy's philosophy and creative process, visit her About page.

Luna Moss travels to Maine
Meet Amy
Luna Moss flower installations for events & retail

Experience the delightful union of Luna Moss and Amy's new visionary enterprise along with Stefanie Finocchio-Durham, The Estuary,  where an array of splendid floral arrangements intertwine harmoniously with an exquisite selection of curated workshops and events designed to nurture your well-being. Journey with us through this serene haven, indulging in the captivating world of flowers while immersing yourself in rejuvenating activities that will soothe both mind and soul. Join us at The Estuary, nestled in the heart of Essex, MA.,  for a treasure trove of remarkable floral artistry and enriching wellness experiences that will leave you inspired and refreshed.

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