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manchester by the sea wedding

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We curate floral designs for weddings, events, dinner gatherings, and any special life event you may be celebrating. We also love hosting workshops and designing retail installations. 


"with enthusiasm, I seek out unique ingredients from pathless woods, my own cut garden, and as locally as possible."


With over a decade of flowering experience, starting in Los Angeles and finding my way back to New England, my language is flowers & plants. I am passionate about expressing nature's' beauty into your story. Committed to sustainability, we are a solar powered studio. When I'm not swimming in flowers I'm mothering, studying plant medicine, indulging in self care, and seeking the finest vintage piece or old pickup trucks.


What Clients Say

"Amy did an astounding job on my wedding. She took such great care and time to learn what I wanted for that day, and when I got there, everything was perfectly as I had imagined! Every detail was flawless and carefully placed. The bridal bouquets were gorgeous and a huge hit with my bridesmaids - one texted me a week later that hers was still going strong in a vase at home! I would highly recommend Luna Moss again and again, I have never seen such stunning florals in my life!" - Liz
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