Small batch of handmade essentials for the home & body.


Clean, simple, and organic ingredients that are safe for children.


Soak away tension with this clean, calming bath soak. With Epsom salt & magnesium, a bathtime favorite containing beneficial properties that support muscle relief, soothe aches and soreness, and help to draw toxins from the body. Therapeutic grade A lavender & ylang ylang essential oils release a relaxing aroma, helping to lull you into a peaceful state of being. 8oz jar


Use: Pour two tablespoons or half contents (aprox. 4oz) under warm running water. Soak for at least 20 minutes.


Ingredients: himalayan salt, magnesium, therapeutic grade ‘A’ lavender & ylang ylang essential oil, organic elderflowers, organic calendula, organic rose, and organic chamomile.

Herbal Bath Salts