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06. Kind words

The greatest thing about Amy at Luna Moss is that I know literally nothing about flowers and when she asked me what I had in mind for flowers for the wedding, I basically said I have no idea. And yet she created exactly what I would have asked for if I knew how to ask for it! Even more beautiful than I could have imagined. She is a true artist for sure. -Rebecca McCourt Andrews

Here's a confession for ya - I am a design control freak. I wanted to be involved (aka design myself) nearly every element of our wedding. But flowers are tricky and seasonal and ...frankly, I know NOTHING about them -so I was forced to loosen my Type A grip and simply trust the process and the insanely talented vendors we hired. I crossed my fingers and hoped that my "wild but still contained desaturated autumnal neutrals" description would translate. In the end - Luna Moss and The Little Things 1) read my mind and then 2) exploded my mind on my wedding day and created a floral scene more beautiful than I had ever imagined. They put all my photoshopping to shame. Lesson learned. Trust the experts. -Polly Burokas

Amy and her team at Luna Moss exceeded my expectations in every way. Their unique designs were exactly what I envisioned for my wedding day (and better!). We received so many compliments from our guests. They were thoughtful, thorough and thought of things I would have missed. Amy has a wonderful eye and is such a pleasure to work with, I can't sing the praises of Luna Moss enough! -Katie Kay Mead


There really are no words that can describe what an amazing experience it was to work with Amy from Luna Moss. Not only did I find the perfect fit for my wedding, but I also made a great friend out of it.  Amy is so extremely genuine and down to earth, and has such a well thought out and detailed vision. I am one of the most specific and detailed people I know….beyond perfectionist. And Amy and I were on the same creative page throughout the entire process. She was always one step ahead of me. She is so original, creative, and has such an amazing unique style, unlike any of the other florists I had met with. She loves all things beautiful, vintage, and romantic. She spent months drying flowers for me, sourcing grasses from Big Sur, and scouring the flower markets to find exactly what it was I wanted. The only thing I wished could’ve been different was that Amy be a guest at the wedding and have shared the entire day with me! -Shannon Hall Pereira​

Amy was an integral part of our wedding plans.  My daughter was in Philadelphia and I was in Los Angeles so we were trying to orchestrate the wedding, of my daughter's dreams, long distance.  Amy listened to all our desires for the wedding decorations and offered us valuable advice on the best floral combinations.  

 Then she met me at the venue and had many useful suggestions about how to enhance the venue and even helped with the final decisions about table placement.  The bridal bouquets were exquisite and she created beautiful small  floral arrangements for the tables. Large artistic floral masterpieces were strategically placed around the venue to enhance the environment.  Her work is truly masterful.  The wedding was a great success due to Amy's artistic sense.  ​Thank you Amy.

-Cathy Leverkus​

I don't think that I have ever met a Florist with such out of the box thinking combined with true knowledge of flowers and design. You have always exceeded my expectations and surprised me with the most beautiful arrangements. Your design aesthetic always has beauty and a cool quirkiness. Thank you Amy! –Sue Hunter​

Amy has been doing our flowers weekly for the past year...without fail we always have the most amazing, unique and magical flower arrangements! The most beautiful and thoughtful mixes of flowers I could ever dream up... Amy brings to life! A year later I look forward to Wednesday's and still feel so lucky to have her as our florist! This lady is a true floral artist!!! –Lisa Mayer​

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